February Recap and March TBR Jar Picks

Written By: Kellie - Mar• 07•14

how i live nowSo February was an… interesting month for reading. I barely got a chance to read much of anything for the first 2/3rds of the month, and then once my vacation hit I made up for lost time a little but still ended up behind where I wanted to be. Still, as of today my total for the year is 20 books (2 books ahead of schedule) so I won’t beat myself too much for going off the rails on only me second month of my TBR jar challenge. First, my TBR jar picks for last month. This did not go according to plan AT ALL!

The Other Normals – This was a DNF for me. I read about 1/5th of the book and had to give it up because there were so many other books I had with me on vacation that I would rather be reading.
The Darkest Minds – I’m about halfway through now but I can’t find my copy ANYWHERE. I know it’s in my house, but I have no idea where. So since I couldn’t find it to bring with me to Mexico I didn’t manage to finish it by the end of the month.
The Dwarves How I Live NowThe Dwarves ended up being a much heavier book than I thought it was. Since I was trying to pack light, I pulled a book early for March to switch it with and ended up reading How I Live Now instead, which I loved and will be reviewing soon!

For March I’ll only be reading two books because I have a lot of work reading to do as well and the two books I will be reading are both on the large side. They are… The Dwarves and The Diviners. Heh, that actually sounds like a pretty good book by combining those two together.

the dwarves the diviners

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  1. Colin Alderson says:

    The Dwarves is a very good traditional fantasy book. After reading it I gave it to my son, who’s an unenthusiastic reader at best, and he not only finished it but has plowed through one and a half sequels (there are four in all). I look forward to seeing your reaction.
    And yes, Diviner Dwarves sounds like a good book!

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