January Recap, February TBR Book Jar Selections + John Green!

Written By: Kellie - Feb• 03•14

Well I’d say January went well! Not only did I finish my three January TBR Book Jar reads with time to spare but I actually ended up reading a total of twelve books, which put me into February at four books ahead of my reading goal for the year. So with a vacation coming at the end of this month, I’m feeling like a second great reading month is in the works for me.

The Highlights of January
Tiger Lily
– Avalon
– Ruby Red
– Tin Star

I’ve already reviewed Avalon but will probably write something up for the others as well in the near future. All highly recommended. Now I just have to find a hardcover version of Saphire Blue that matches my copy of Ruby Red. Sigh. #booknerdproblems

So! February! What are we reading? The Book Jar selections for this month are…. *drum roll*

the other normals the dwarves  thedarkestminds

I’m feeling pretty good about all of these. The Darkest Minds is one I just haven’t gotten too in a while despite owning an ARC. Shamful, I know. I’ve never read a Ned Vizzini book, and after his death in December this will probably feel bittersweet but I still think The Other Normals sounds like a book I’ll absolutely love.

Annnd… I just saw The Desolation of Smaug a couple of weeks ago so I’m feeling very pro-Dwarves right now! (Psst… check out this cover of I See Fire from the movie, it’s amazeballs).

Annnd there was one more book to pick for this month, but this one wasn’t only up to me as it’s the next book we’ll be reading for the next WordNerds book club. We decided to go with a John Green book annnnd the winner was.

Looking for Alaska!



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