A Boat Made of Bone Kickstarter

Written By: Kellie - Jun• 30•13

Happy Sunday everyone! I just wanted to take a quick minute out of everyones day to tell you all about a fantastic Kickstarter project currently in the works from author Nicole Grotepas! Nicole is a member of the Patchwork Press NetGalley Co-Op and she’s looking for help funding her next novel, A Boat Made of Bone (how awesome is that title?!). There are a lot of fun perks for helping out, so I highly recommend you check out the Kickstarter campaign.

Kat Miller has been having recurring dreams about the same man . . . a dead man. Will Marks, to be exact, a celebrity who died long before Kat had any reason to pay attention to celebrities.

While the night-world she enjoys with Will beckons, her waking world has suddenly gotten intriguing. Ty Watts–a guy with looks that could set a thousand housewives free–just walked into her life and he’s got a smile that hides a secret.

But is Ty a distraction or a savior?

Kat’s dreams threaten to take over. She must negotiate the edge of reality, solve the mystery of her nightly rendezvous with Will and either set him free or lose herself forever in the seductively dangerous world he inhabits.

A Boat Made of Bone is a love story that spans worlds, generations, and reaches beyond death into the realm of fantasy.

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