Top Ten Tuesday: My Bookish Goals for 2013

Written By: Kellie - Jan• 08•13


Top Ten Bookish Goals for 2013

Time for my first Top Ten Tuesday of the year. This Meme is hosted by The Broke and The Bookish, and you can click the above banner to join in on the fun.

This weeks list is all about the top ten bookish goals you have for yourself in 2013. (Yup, I just typed 2012 there and had to correct myself, this might take awhile).

1. Self-publish at least one novel, novella and short story collection.
I am hoping to do a lot more than this, but even if all I manage is these three then I will be extremely pleased with myself, and can consider a lifelong goal well and truly accomplished. The short story collection is already out, and you can find it here. It’s a prequel collection to Mortality, which is coming out in March. The novella is in the works and will hopefully be the beginning of a second series for me. Eep!

2. Transfer and update all posts from my old blog
At the beginning of this year I switched blogs. For Snarky Bird Books, I am hoping to compile a list of old reviews as well as make my older posts more SEO compatible. It’s a work in progress and will probably take awhile.

3. Read 100 books
This is my goal every year and I have achieved it for two in a row now. No sense in ending the streak quite yet.

4. Continue my internship for Spencer Hill Press
This probably wont last for the entire year as their internships typically last 6 months to a year, but I will keep up my role as Joan of ARCs (essentially reviewer liaison) for as long as they’ll have me.

5. Post reviews in a more timely manner
Seriously, 2013 has just begun and I’m already (still) pretty behind. I’m house-sitting this week and have a lot of downtime, so I’m hoping to play catch up.

6. Worry less about blog stats
…yeah, that probably wont happen.

7. Start
Myself and two other wonderful Canadian bloggers are hoping to start up a Canadian based ARC swap website as most of the ones currently in existence don’t cater to us Northerners. Right now Giselle at is doing all of the more difficult, programy stuff but I will be sure to post here once the website is fully functional.

8. Host more giveaways
I don’t do these very often because of the four jobs/internships I am currently doing, none of them pay me much, if at all. It’s all great experience though and I am hoping to turn some of it into a variety of bookish career paths this year.

9. Get paid to do bookish things
A girl can dream, right? Although, if even three of you lovely people buys Mortality when it comes out, I can check this one off the list and buy myself a celebratory cup of coffee.

10. Remember that I do all of this because I love it
Sometimes blogging (and even writing) can become a bit of a hassle. There are deadlines to adhere to, quality control to be done, and sometimes you don’t get to read what you want to because you need to finish something else and post a review. Blah! But what it comes down to is that we all love books, and that’s why we’re doing this. Hopefully, this year I can remember that in the moments where I want nothing more than to reread Harry Potter for the millionth time or spend a month reading A Song of Ice and Fire, but just cant find the time.

Well, that’s me… What are your top ten bookish goals for 2013?

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  2. Cecelia says:

    Great list! I applaud your ambitions in the publishing realm – best wishes for all of that. I myself am hoping to post reviews in a timely manner, too, and having a good attitude while reading will certainly help me to do that. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I think #7 is a great idea, I love participating in the ARC tour that I do, because there’s no way I’d get to read and review the books I do without it. I hate so bad that it’s so expensive to send packages to Canada. That sucks cheeseballs.

    And for #9, I think you can go ahead and get a cookie with that coffee- you know your NYC/BEA roomies will buy your book!

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