Kicking Off Snarky Bird Book Reviews, and some New Years Resolutions

Written By: Kellie - Jan• 01•13

Happy New Year!!! Wow, 2013 already. How crazy is that?!

While I’ve already posted a couple of giveaways (which you can check out here, and here) this is my first official post on a brand new blog. Welcome to Snarky Bird Book Reviews. I’m still going back and polishing up some of my old posts and adding them to my master review list, but for all intents and purposes my shiny new blog is up and running.

A big thank you to Giselle from Xpresso Reads/Designs/Tours for the header design. So pretty… and snarky!

So, what am I hoping for with this new year and a new blog… Time for some resolutions!

1. I will do my best to write reviews within a week of finishing the book. I had a pretty good track record for this before, but have been a mega slacker lately.

2. Read more self-published titles. Especially those by Kindle Boards authors.

3. Read 100+ books.

4. Post a consistent 3 reviews a week.

5. Hunt down more opportunities to interact with authors I love on the blog.

6. Reach 1500 twitter followers. (With any luck I’ll hit 1000 by the end of January)

Happy new years everyone. Here’s to a bigger, and braver 2013.

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