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Written By: Kellie - Nov• 15•12


Synopsis: Smart and sexy, Kat has the fighting skills of a warrior and the kind of determination few men can match. She’s caught in a post-apocalyptic world where only the rich live well and Kat is determined to be one of them.

To make her dream come true and reunite with her daughter, the fearless treasure hunter has to get her hands on a lot of money, and that’s going to take every bit of talent she’s got. With her devoted partner Damian by her side, Kat sets out to make one last big score in a city rumored to be the nesting place of vicious mutants.

The stakes are high and they get even higher when she discovers her rival, Hades, is after the same thing. Big, mean, and sexy as hell, he’s the sort of man Kat loves to tangle with, particularly if he can help her in her quest. -Goodreads

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Chapter One




Dust devils whirled viciously around the broken remains of civilization.  Buildings that once stood proud and strong were now only jagged cement shards protruding from infertile dirt and rock.  The sun was a big glaring ball of light in the sky.  Where it had once produced growth and warmth, it now scorched what was left of the Earth with its brutal rays.

Kat looked up into the blistering sun and wondered for the second time today what in the hell she was doing out on the Outer Rim.  The fierce, arid wind whipped at her cloak and tried to tear it from her body.  Sand peppered her face like a tiny barrage of bullets.  Pulling her hood forward, she adjusted her tinted goggles over her eyes and continued to search the rubble for her treasure.  No small feat, considering her right eye was covered by a black leather eye-patch.

She kicked at the dirt and crumbled concrete with her steel-toed jackboots.  Nothing.  They’d been searching for nearly two hours now.  She glanced over at her partner.

“Damian!  See anything?”

Damian stood from where he squatted, raising his head toward Kat, his blue eyes glinting in the sun.  He held up his hand, something encased in his glove.

“Just this cute little dolly.”  He waved it at her, grinning mischievously.

The doll, headless and encrusted in filth, rattled in his hand.

“Quit fucking around.  And put on your goggles.”  Kat shook her head.  The kid knew better.  An hour under the unprotected sun produced cataracts.  Cataracts usually led to blindness.  She’d seen it happen more and more.  Her sister had succumbed to blindness before she had died from the flu.  Damian was lucky he had his hood pulled over his head.

“Yes, momsie.”  Damian reached around to his pack and unzipped a compartment.  He came away with his tinted goggles.

Kat watched him put them on.

“Better?”  He flashed a grin.

She shook her head but smiled.  He always managed to make her smile.  That was one of the reasons she had bartered for his life two years ago.

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