Promo and Review Copies: Rainbird by Rabia Gale

Written By: Kellie - Nov• 05•12

Rainbird by Rabia Gale

As some of you know I am working towards building my book publicity experience, and part of that is that I have taken on publicity for two fantasy novellas by Rabia Gale. I read this story and really enjoyed it, but thought posting a review might seem a bit biased. Starting tomorrow I will begin contacting some of my favorite reviewers to see who might be interested in review copies… but for now I am just throwing this out there to see if any of my lovely readers are interested in a review copy. Even if you don’t run a review site of any kind, we can always use more Goodreads and Amazon reviews.

Thanks so much! Love you all!


She’s a halfbreed in hiding.

Rainbird never belonged. To one race, she’s chattel. To the other, she’s an abomination that should never have existed.

She lives on the sunway.

High above the ground, Rainbird is safe, as long as she does her job, keeps her head down, and never ever draws attention to herself.

But one act of sabotage is about to change everything.
For Rainbird. And for her world.

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