What Miri Larendaughter Means To me

Written By: Kellie - Aug• 21•12

Warning: This post contains spoilers from both Princess Academy books. You can find my review of Palace of Stone, here.

In celebration of the release day of Palace of Stone, the second Princess Academy book, I wanted to talk a bit about what the main character Miri means to me. There has never been a book character that I’ve felt like I could really relate to like this tiny girl from Mount Eskel. Obviously I know next to nothing about quarries and goats and the politics of Kingdoms but at her core, I understand what Miri wants for herself and those she loves.

At one point in the second book, Miri stands in the University library wishing she had time to read every book within its walls. That’s a feeling I think many of us know too well. There is so much to read and learn and there will never be enough time. There are entire subjects of study I will probably never get to, but I know I will look back one day and wish I had found the time for both stories and study. Miri does the best she can with the time she has and I know that’s all any of us can do but I will always wish I could do just a little bit more.

Like Miri, I also have this unstoppable urge for going. When Miri is on Mount Eskel she wants to see what else the world holds, but when she’s in the greatest city in her country there is nothing quite as comforting as thoughts of home. I lived in Ireland for about half a year back around 2009 and felt a lot of the same things. Never homesick and always loving the adventure but Ireland was never really my home.

While the story lines of both Princess Academy books were wonderfully immersive, there is no question that it was Miri who brought these books alive. She faced every challenge she was given with determination but was always accompanied by both a sense of wonder and longing. In the end, I’m not sure I would have made the same decision Miri did but this book isn’t about where you end up, but figuring yourself out and finding what works for you. If you haven’t read these books yet, I highly recommend you do. This is one series that really should be passed on through the generations. <3

Princess Academy 2: Palace of Stone, comes out today!!

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