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Written By: Kellie - Jul• 30•12

I’m not really one for Pinterest. The name is clever and there are some great ideas on that website, but it never managed to suck me in. Still, when I decided to do a post on some fantastically creative bookshelf ideas it was definitely the place to look. So now, I present to you, 9 ideas for quirky bookshelf setups.

1. This NYC loft’s hallway makes me think of Alice in Wonderland or The Wizard of Oz. Follow the curvy-swervy hall of books to the magical world of my apartment.

I can only imagine it would be a lot more to my taste if both sides of the hall were completely covered in books. It would be super colourful and save me a lot of space in my bedroom. Yup, I definitely just considered doing this in my place. Probably wouldn;t have the same effect though.

2. Okay, this is super, amazing, epic cool! Utilize your staircase as a bookshelf that also happens to look awesome. Click the picture for more angles of this staircase, it’s worth it. The only downside here is that you probably can’t do it at home without essentially rebuilding stairs on top of the ones you already have which most of our parents/landlords probably wont go for.

3. I lurrrvvveee this. Of course, it only works if you happen to have a) an attic, and one that is b) shaped like this, but still… awesome! I wonder how many books they managed to fit on there, and how they get them down. It’s not nearly as much fun if you can’t actually access the books anymore.

4. Dude! It’s a Dude! This idea is great if you’re looking to go a little more weird than whimsical. This will absolutely make an impression on any guests. I especially love his pose. Yeah, I’m a guy made of books, what of it. Click the picture for a few other ideas!

5. This bookshelf idea may not be for everyone, but it’s definitely my first choice. You really have to be a Doctor Who fan to get this, but let me assure you it is a great idea. Like the original Tardis, this is bigger on the inside since it’s full of stories and ideas, which are infinite! Click the picture for an entire blog dedicated to fun and creative bookshelf ideas.

6. Okay, so there aren’t a lot of space where this could actually work, but isn’t it amazing?! This might by my new dream workspace although I would think it might be hard to get a lot done with all those beautiful books hanging out right over your head. I’ve also now realized Beauty & The Beast has given me an eternal love for the combination of books and ladders.

7. There is something about this setup that just screams ‘Escape into a world of books’! While the actual shelf setup isn’t that creative (that makes it a bigger possibility for those of us without extreme woodworking skills) the floor to ceiling arrangement and the warm covers make this an idea place to read without distraction. I don’t think I could ever keep my books looking quite that sloppy though.

8. I have no idea how this was accomplished but it’s a great idea. This bookshelf looks like it is barely managing to stay standing but it can clearly hold some serious weight. Big points if you can figure out how to build one of these for yourself.

9. This final piece gets more points for being awesome than the actual use of bookshelves but I would still take it in a heartbeat. Make the inside be a secret book nook or your office, even better.

It was a lot of fun looking through all of these ideas and I would love to be able to implement some of them in my dream home (*cough* castle) one day, but I think if that’s going to happen I’m going to need a few thousand more books. Challenge accepted!

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