Spark (Amy Kathleen Ryan) Discussion

Written By: Kellie - Jul• 26•12

This is a discussion post and therefore absolutely contains spoilers. Consider yourself warned.

Earlier this week I reviewed Spark, the second novel in the Sky Chasers series but was left feeling like there was a lot more I wanted to say.

The romantic arc in this series has been a little unpredictable, which is always fantastic. Yes, we have seen many a female protagonist start off with the person she was supposed to be with only to fall for the other guy, but to have Kieran turn into what he did and be so misguided… well, I didn’t see it coming.

Let’s talk about Kieran for a second. He has obviously had some pretty extreme character “growth” and was unquestionably something of an antagonist in this part of the story… BUT, I was blown away by his moment right at the end where he realizes that he is not cut out to be negotiating on behalf of the entire crew, especially in the face a particularly shrewd adversary. It was unexpected and brought him back to the level of someone that you can almost understand, sometimes things just spiral out of control.

The rest of the characters also managed to follow more nontraditional flight paths. I really enjoyed how individual loyalties changed over time in ways that made sense for each character. As Kieran became more and more out of control, it would only make sense that even some of his most loyal followers would have moments of doubt, and once you’ve had that moment it’s hard to just forget it.

Okay, question for everyone… was there evidence of second saboteur that I missed? There feels like there is and I am just forgetting it so please help me out here. The writing style of these books suggests that everything is very well thought out, so I would be surprised if this huge plot twist was just thrown in at the end to keep us on our toes.

Last question… what did everyone make of Seth’s decision to stay behind on the Empyrean? What is that boy thinking? It’s a good way to keep both ships in the mix though, so we’ll see how it plays out and if he and Waverly get a happily ever after.

Can’t wait to see what happens next!

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