Dollhouse: The Epitaphs – Andrea Chambliss

Written By: Kellie - Jul• 17•12

Synopsis: The Rossum Corporation”s Dollhouse technology has gone viral with a synchronized phone call that wiped the minds of everyone it reached, turning them into mindless killers. Those who avoided the call – including show favorites Echo, Alpha, Mag, Zone, and Griff – must try to survive in the sudden apocalypse and be wary of Rossum”s expansive technological reach. This is only the beginning. -Goodreads

Review: While I was in Ireland I had the chance to read a Dollhouse graphic novel that I didn’t even know existed, and I lovveeddd it. For any Dollhouse (a TV show by the creator of Buffy) fans, this fills in some of the gaps between the big Rossum break in episode (semi finale) and Epitaph One. You get to see a little bit of what all the characters got up to, there are some crazy action scenes and overall, just great story telling.

I loved the art as well, there was rarely any question of which character was which and the horrible, end of the world setting came across beautifully. I would love to go into more technical detail but all I can really say is that the art compliments the story well and that the colours were really vibrant and matched well to each individual scene.

Even if you’re not a fan of the Dollhouse series this is worth checking out for some seriously cool futuristic apocalypse action. It also leads into the TV series really nicely without giving much (if anything) away.

One thing that caught me by surprise is that it ended on a cliff hanger. I will have to look into that as I would absolutely read more. Sigh, I’m into graphic novels now? Never thought I would see the day. I have never been much into comic books but I love the idea of continuing the stories of my favorite canceled TV shows and Dollhouse was really one of the best.

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