Honey, I’m home!!!

Written By: Kellie - Jul• 08•12

Hello, hello! As promised, I have returned. I’m all kinds of jet lagged but back all the same. Don’t worry, this is not an excuse not to jump back into things, I have been hard at work on various posts during my time away and have a few little revamps planned for the summer months just to spruce things up around here.

So, what’s on tap? (Common, I just came from Ireland where it’s all about what’s on tap)

This week I have a couple of reviews. Haunted by Kelly Armstrong and the audio book of World War Z, which restored my faith in the entire genre (audio books, no zombies). Plus, I spent some time looking back at BEA and decided to throw in my two cents for future generations of expo goers. Yay!

Annnd, next week is preplanned too, see I was productive! Graphic novels… yay! So be sure to stay tuned for that. Still working out exactly what I’m posting when so you’ll just need to check back. Pretty please.

In other news, I have recently taken on an additional writing gig at Geek Speak Magazine, which I am super excited about. Writing is fun! Writing about things you love, well that’s pretty much the dream.

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  1. Welcome back, Kellie! I’ll definitely check out your new writing gig! Hopefully your BEA advice to future goers won’t include “Don’t stay with crazy Americans”! ;) Looking forward to your World War Z review too. I read that last year on vacation and I’m looking forward to the movie.

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