IMM BEA Favorites Part 3 & 4

Written By: Kellie - Jun• 22•12

Part 3- Non Fiction Favorites

Wait: The Art & Science of Delay by Frank Partnoy
Mmm, psychology. I love books that try to explain why we do the things we do. Frank Partnoy’s Wait wants to have a look at delaying your decisions etc. rather than going with your gut, which is something I’d love to read about. Excited for this one!


Let’s Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson
I’ll admit, before BBC I didn’t know who Jenny Lawson was but after hearing her keynote speech… love, love, love. I don’t read many memoirs but I can’t wait to check out the magnificent Jenny Lawson and her dark and twisty brain. Also, new blog to follow! Yay for The Bloggess!
Why Does He Do That? Why Does She Do That? by Paula Bloom and Reef Karim

I got my booked signed by Paula Bloom and had a brief minute to talk to this fantastic lady. Gender psychology has always been a big interest of mine. I’m fairly sure this book will end up reading more like a relationship self help book but I’m still intrigued. I’ll be sure to keep you posted!
Part 4- Everything Else!
Speechless by Hannah Harrington
Brief summary- Teenage girl realizes the error of her ways and takes a vow of silence. Not sure why but this story has really caught my interest and I have really high expectations which can of course go horribly awry but I still think this book will impact me in some way or another that I probably don’t even see coming.

Enormity by W.G. Marshall
While I was doing my very last lap of the BEA show floor I came across W.G. Marshall signing his books. I had read Mad Skills awhile ago (there is probably a review for it buried somewhere in here) which was a little different and had a really great concept and so I jumped at the chance to read Enormity. Already a little baffled that the cover shows a woman when the enormous main character seems to be a man, but we shall see.

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