Atlantis Legend- The Lost Code Discussion

Written By: Kellie - May• 23•12

Yesterday’s review was all about Kevin Emerson’s The Lost Code a book that re imagines the legend of Atlantis. Fun!

What is the legend of Atlantis???
While there are more variations then I can count, the main idea is that was a city called Atlantis, filled with super wisdomy (yup, I said it) people with advanced technology etc. But, for some reason or another, something went horribly wrong and the city plunged into the ocean, lost to us forever. (Learn more from Wikipedia, as I’m sure I haven’t explained this very well)

There have been several modern retellings of the Atlantis story, including the Disney movie, the Stargate spin-off and most recently, Kevin Emerson’s book. In The Lost Code, we actually start out a fair bit in the future as the human population is quickly dying off due to climate changes. Atlantis is still an underwater city that existed long before our society, but the DNA of the Atlanteans has been passed on and three people with access to the knowledge of the ancient civilization are now living in the world, oblivious to who they are… I won’t go into it more as you should definitely read the book but, what do you think? Does this sound like the Atlantis you know and love? What is your all time favorite retelling of this myth? Let me know in the comments!

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