The Selection by Kiera Cass might become a TV show??

Written By: Kellie - Apr• 28•12

Last week I found some pretty exciting news while I was browsing I was reading through a list of potential new series for the fall season, and it looks like the CW (Vampire Diaries, Smallville) is considering a pilot of ‘The Selection’, based of of Kiera Cass’s series. Obviously they are trying to capitalize (heh, or Capitolize) on The Hunger Games mania, much like they did with the Vampire Diaries during the Twilight craze, but I am totally on board with this idea.

I thought The Selection was a really fun read, and I can absolutely see it translating to the small screen. There has been a recent surge of YA books being turned into TV shows, not everyone was a winner (poor Chloe, barely got nine episodes let alone nine lives) but The Selection could do really well as it really does combine elements of The Hunger Games with reality TV elements.

So what do you think… if they made the show, would you watch it?

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