Self-Pub Week Kick Off

Written By: Kellie - Apr• 16•12

Self published books are a very polarizing issue in the literary and blogger communities and something I have always been strongly in support of. I don’t read as many as I could, but I have read some fantastic self published titles that are absolutely on par with their traditionally published counterparts.

In addition to ReaWrite, I also review for  Sift Book Reviews, which is entirely dedicated to self pubbed and indie books that fall into the range of speculative fiction. This week I’ll be bringing some of my Sift reviews over to ReaWrite. We also have an interview with a self published author I really admire, Kendall Grey who goes all out to promote her book Inhale despite a lot of prejudice from the community, and author Nikki Jefford will share her views on the pro’s of self publishing your work.

What is your opinion of self published books as a whole? Do you review them? Why or why not?

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  1. I love indies! I don’t review them by request because I have a freeze on all paper/ebook requests. That being said I love to read them, have several of them that I buy a year, and think there is a ton of talent to be discovered in the indie realm!

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