Titanic First Accounts- Tim Maltin

Written By: Kellie - Apr• 15•12

Synopsis: Fascinating firsthand accounts of the Titanic–in a deluxe package with gorgeous graphic cover art.
Historic firsthand accounts and testimonies by survivors and eye- witnesses including Lawrence Beesley, Margaret Brown, Archibald Gracie, Carlos F. Hurd and many more.

Review: Sometimes, you read a book that you will never forget. This is the first one of those Ive had in a long, long while. It was fantastically sad, endlessly heartbreaking and really, really interesting. Reading accounts of Titanic’s story from the perspective of those who lived it, really made me look at the entire legacy in a whole new perspective.

I went and watched Titanic 3D with a friend the other night (okay, a friend and my Mom) and kept chiming in with things like “don’t worry, no one actually got stuck in the boiler room, there is an escape ladder right beside the door”, or “the guy who goes down on the top of the ship with Jack and Rose, he was a actually a baker who more or less did what they do in the movie, and survived”. I won’t tell you my favorite story though, as I really do think you should read this book.

Or on the opposite end of the spectrum, since reading this book I’ve also cried at a commercial for the Titanic mini series that is on right now, in a scene where water was rushing in somewhere or another, because these first accounts really brought home how terrifying living (or not) through the entire disaster must have been.

So many different perspectives are covered, that after reading this book you will have a more complete idea of what happened than most. In one chapter, you get the run down of every single lifeboats story. It’s not at all repetitive and actually really, really interesting. Like the book I reviewed yesterday, there were some dry points for me but I’m sure they would be massively fascinating to someone else and each section has it’s place within this book. I really can’t fault a book like this for giving me more information than I wanted.

As I am writing this, it is about a half hour away from being exactly 100 years to the minute of when the Titanic hit the ice burg and it’s hard to even think about it but I am so, so glad I read this book.

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