Titanic: Disaster at Sea- Philip Wilkison

Written By: Kellie - Apr• 10•12

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Synopsis: Experience all the drama and tragedy of Titanic inside the pages of this richly illustrated narrative. With a pull-out poster and double gatefold diagram, Titanic: Disaster at Sea is brimming with facts, stories, and fascinating people. From the technological creativity of Titanic’s construction to unselfish sacrifice in the face of disaster, this comprehensive book will satisfy readers with its exciting, up-close look at this amazing true story of triumph and tragedy. For ages 8-14.

Review: Even though this book is technically for children and younger teens, I actually managed to learn some interesting things about The Titanic. Titanic: Disaster at Sea was broken down into very easy to follow sections that covered generally basic information but always managed to put an interesting spin onto every section. There is a lot of information here for both Titanic junkies and those who are new to the story alike.

I loved the illustrations that came with this book. They were realistic enough to help to capture the feel of what was going on while being cartooney enough to minimize the bleak feeling that inevitably comes with The Titanic (that not everyone may want to share with their children). There were also helpful little information blocks dispersed within the full paragraphs as well in order to show both the larger picture as well as some of the more interesting tidbits that help capture the mystery.

I would absolutely recommend this book to both people looking to introduce their children to the story of the Titanic and those who are looking to add to their own Titanic book collection with something a little different.

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