BEA Planning- Part 2

Written By: Kellie - Mar• 28•12

So, I’ve made a lot of progress in planning my New York trip for BEA and wanted to share it, and really to have everything written down somewhere so I can remember every little detail about this trip from planning to an epic IMM post at the end.

So, four exciting and very lucky things for Kellie.

1) I’ve found roommates, and I really couldn’t be happier. I met Kate (Midnight Book Girl) at BBPOC and she mentioned that herself and two other super fantastic book bloggers Kim & Cindy were looking for a fourth roommate for BEA. Things went from there and I’m in! I’m so happy as while I feel like I would trust pretty much anyone in the book blogger community, I think I will also feel really comfortable with this group which will make the whole trip that much easier.

2) My mom and her sister have long been considering doing a big sister bonding weekend in NYC and have decided to drive up (8 hours!) for the weekend after BEA, which means 2 things for me. A- I’ll get to stay in NYC a little longer and bunk in with them and B- I’ll be driving back with them which means I have a car full of space to take my books home which should save me a good chunk of change on shipping books back to Canada.

3) This also means I only have to book a one way journey and I’ve decided to go by bus even though I get kind of car sick and it’s 11 hours. The things we do to save money. I got a great deal with Greyhound. $40 because I booked so far out! Hurray!

4) I finally registered for BEA! I’d been putting it off for so long because it felt like this trip was too good to be true.

Anyways, that’s all for now but this trip is really starting to come together and feel real. 70 days or so and I’ll be there! Ahh!

Are any of you going to BEA as well? Do you have much planning left to do? I think my next step is getting myself some business cards!

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  1. I am so excited too! I feel very lucky to have found some great roomies for BEA. I am sooooo jealous of all the car space you’ll have for your books… perhaps your family wants to make a quick road trip down to DC or Va? Hmm… lol. Definitely get some cards! I’m going to order some more. June doesn’t seem so far away now that all our plans are in place. Kim and I booked our tickets already too- turns out the Megabus is a double decker, which is both cool and European, but also a tad frightening. I’m so glad the hotel room is sorted out, and all our event tickets are bought. You’re still doing the Blogger Convention that Monday, right?

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