The Hunger Games Movie

Written By: Kellie - Mar• 25•12

So, I just got back from watching The Hunger Games (writing this Saturday afternoon) and I am just so, so blown away. I LOVED this movie! I’m not usually a super gushy fangirl but really, it was better than I could have even imagined.

I keep going back and forth on calling this the best movie version of a book I’ve seen since it held a lot truer to the original material than sooo many others and really kept the overall mood, even if it did tone things down a bit… buttt, LOTR might still have that honour. Not sure. I think I might have to wait and see how this entire movie series comes together.

Anyways, everything about this movie was great. The camera shots and the music, really added something already brilliant scenes. The actors were fantastic, the sets were perfect… I have very, very little that I’d criticize. But, in case you really want to know…

1) The cornucopia wasn’t at all what I was hoping for or what I had imagined… it’s just kind of there
2) Cato and Peeta looked a little too similar in that when their fighting, you’re not entirely sure who your rooting for

That’s it… seriously, as of right now those are the only things I would think to change. Some people didn’t think the movie showed how heartless or thoughtless the people of the Capitol are, but I think it was captured perfectly without spelling it out for anyone. There were nuances to this movie. I love nuances.


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  1. I loved this movie too. It would be in the running for best book-to-movie adaptation with Lord of the Rings as well. My only complaint was that the cannon only went off sometimes when people died.

  2. I had trouble following the fight on the cornucopia too, but I think that’s partly because of the way it was shot. I was really impressed with the cast, although the actor that plays Gale doesn’t do a whole lot for me (his brother Chris however… yum) although I still love Gale, and I don’t think Effie said “may the odds be ever in your favor” with enough emphasize on the word ever like it is in the book. But that’s pretty petty complaints. I was so impressed with Woody H. as Haymitch and Lennie Kravitz as Cinna (seriously, I would love to know what vitamins that man is taking because he looks so fine!). I can’t wait to see the movie again!

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