Planning for Book Expo America- Part 1

Written By: Kellie - Feb• 26•12

This June, I am planning on making my first trip to Book Expo America, and honestly… I’m practically thinking about it non stop because I’m just that excited. Not sure how I’ll manage to keep my mind on track for another three months before I go. So, for anyone else who might be thinking of going this year, I might as well document the planning stages… who knows when it might come in handy.

At this stage I have mostly been focusing on research, reading any and all blog posts relating to BEA by other book bloggers. I’m the type of person who likes to know exactly what to expect.

Right now my biggest concern is figuring out room and board. New York City is not an inexpensive place to sleep, even for just a week. My options seem to be…

1) get a hotel room to myself which will either be really expensive or a significant hike away from the Javits Center
2) find other book bloggers to bunk with for the week, which seems to be what a lot of people do. I love the idea as it would be very cool to really get to know some like-minded readers to explore BEA with while saving on hotel costs
3) couch surfing, which is pretty much staying on a couch at someones place. I met a lot of couch surfers when I lived in Ireland and it’s a pretty cool experience but would make me pretty nervous

I also need to figure out what is considered a good deal on a flight from Toronto to NYC. I may end up flying out from Buffalo, we’ll see how it works out.

Anyways, that’s where I’m at now. I need to just chill for a month or since the rest of the world doesn’t seem to be obsessing about this quite yet buuuttt I’ve gotta say, I’m pretty excited and can’t wait to see some of you in New York!

If you’re reading this and you are in fact, looking for a BEA roommate then definitely let me know!

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Sounds so fun….NYC isn’t cheap. Best of luck finding a place. I would book now, though. :)

    Found you on Author E.M.S.

    Just stopping back to look around.



    Silver’s Reviews

  2. Hi Kellie,
    I just wanted to introduce myself as you probably already know about me from kate. Have you looked into taking the train down to NYC. That is how I am going and its $120 Canadian for me return. I have several post about bea in my 2010 May/June archives if you want to check them out. If you have any questions don’t hestiate to ask.

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