The Dragonfly Prophecy- Jacquelyn Castle

Written By: Kellie - Feb• 03•12

Synopsis: Seventeen-year-old Lexi Blane believed she was the creator of her own destiny.  With a brilliant mind, a flawless boyfriend, and parents who would stop the earth from spinning for her, all was going according to plan.

But when her perfect world unravels into one she doesn’t know, it reveals the painful truth of her love, trust, and entire being.  In the struggle to find her true self, Lexi learns she didn’t create her destiny – it created her.

Review: What if you woke up one morning to find out the life you thought was yours wasn’t real? Debut YA author Jacquelyn Castle explores that possibility in her charming and imaginative story, The Dragonfly Prophecy.

Once Lexi realizes that everything not be quite what it seems, she takes the reader on an at times heart-wrenching journey as she tries to decide how best to move on with her life after the devastating loss of her parents. How much is too much to give up for the chance to see a lost loved one again?

The writing and pacing work well with the plot to keep the story flowing well through the whole novel. At times, there was a bit too much exposition for my taste, but there is some really fun elements to this story so it was worth reading through the background information in order to fully understand what was going on with the characters.

Recommended for anyone looking for something a little different in their YA reading.

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And be sure to stay tuned over the next few days for an interview with Jacquelyn Castle and a chance to win a copy of The Dragonfly Prophecy.

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