ReaWrite Update- New Features

Written By: Kellie - Feb• 02•12

If you’re a regular around here you might have noticed a few new additions to the website over the last couple of weeks. I have been gradually rolling out a couple of new features I want to try out and thought today would be a great day to officially unveil them and perhaps try to grab them a little extra loving from readers.

So, without further ado… ReaWrite’s New Features!

1. The Trivia Corner
I wanted to add some sort of fun or interactive element and opted to go with book trivia. I stumbled across  a website with some pretty fun quizzes on a wide array of topics, but found disappointingly few about the types of books I like to read and so decided to spend some time putting together a collection of games (both created by myself and others) for other book lovers to enjoy if the mood ever strikes them.

Rather than bombard you with a lot of trivia game posts, I’m opting to do one a week for ten weeks (I’ve already done three) so that I have a decent collection for anyone who wants to spend some time testing their book knowledge. After that I will just be adding them in as I find them.

You are always welcome to click on Trivia Corner on the main menu to play and post your score on past games.

2. The ReaWrite Calendar
At the beginning of this year, I put a lot of effort into keeping better track of my blogging and so I started a super color coded Google calendar to do just that. I know there isn’t a huge amount of benefit to this for you guys, but you’re all more than welcome to check out past posts and what’s coming here.


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  1. Very nice! I use Google Calendar for a lot of things…OMG I just realized I think I missed a blogfest! Shoot!!!

  2. Kellie says:

    LOL! =P

    I lurrvveee Google Calendar. I’ve got my blog calendar, my school calendar, my book review calendar and then one for other stuff *sigh*

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