The return of Sweet Valley High?

Written By: Kellie - Jan• 13•12

Thanks to Twitter, I stumbled across this article today and am definitely excited! It looks like one of the YA series I read when I was actually a teenager will be making something of a come back. Sweet Valley! Diablo Cody (Juno) is making a movie based on the Sweet Valley High books. Personally, I was more of a Sweet Valley Twins fan myself, but I’m still looking forward to this.

About a year ago I wrote about a follow-up book written by Francine Pascal, but honestly I never read it because it got pretty horrible reviews. I’m a little nervous that if the original author can’t do these characters justice, then can? I’m forever optimistic though, and will definitely be checking this out. The musical aspect that’s now being reported on is a bit of a ??? but I’m willing to wait and see.

Did you read Sweet Valley books growing up? Are you looking forward to the movie?

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  1. My childhood was totally all about the Baby-sitter’s club, Nancy Drew, and Sweet Valley books. I read SV Kids, SV Twins, Unicorn Club, and SVH (and possibly a few SVU ones as well). Like you I was partial to SV Twins… I definitely spent the most time reading them.

    I’m a little iffy about this remaking, possibly because Diablo Cody is kind of on my shit list after seeing what she really thinks about YA lit and its writers (article here)… but we’ll see! I’d love to see a version that embraces the general cheese of SV while still being genuinely interesting and fun.

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