New Year, New Books Giveaway

Written By: Kellie - Jan• 02•12

Happy new year everyone! One day down, so far so good. To celebrate 2012, I’m going to be giving away some of my favorite titles of 2011, to try and spread the love around a bit. The three titles I chose were all featured in my list of Standout books of 2011.


This contest is open internationally as I will be shipping these to the winners via The Book Depository. There are several ways to enter, as I am trying to make sure ReaWrite is still on the radar come the end of GFC in March. So for all of you who are currently using Google+ I would love it if you could add ReaWrite to your circles there, “Like” us on facebook, or follow us via RSS feed. You can find all of those links on the sidebar. –>

Good luck to everyone, and enjoy!

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  2. I would love to be entered for the new year book giveaway, but as i am not on facebook and are new to this ‘blog’ online, i would really apreciate it if you would be able at all to include my name for the giveaway if possible?? xx
    Many Thanks and a very happy new year! xx

  3. Happy New Year! I’ve already posted my blog resolutions here. I did 100+ books last year for the Goodreads challenge, and this year I’m trying 125. I’m starting earlier, too, so that should be a leg up.

    I think my big resolution this year is writing: write write write.

  4. My resolution is to stop reading a book if it doesn’t grab me instead of soldiering on and getting annoyed by it.

    • Kellie says:

      Haha, that’s something I need to learn too. There are so many books, what’s the point in wasting time on one you aren’t really enjoying?

  5. Bee says:

    Wow. What a way to start the year! Have a good one :)

    My resolutions are pretty simple, actually.
    Read atleast a 100 books.
    Blog a minimum of once every week. No matter what happens. Unless of course doomsday strikes and all electricity is snapped out..and the readers are sucked into the atmosphere. Or something. Which isn’t gonna happen, right? No way.

  6. Amanda G says:

    I tend to recycle my resolutions (i.e. – lose weight and go to the freakin’ dentist). This year though, all I really want is to finally finish a manuscript. I have a few that are close to being complete, but can’t seem to be able to write “the end” just yet. Here’s to hoping 2012 will be different!

  7. Emily says:

    My 2012 resolutions are to finally completely finish a manuscript and to read 100 books.

  8. Natasha Areena says:

    My resolutions is not to buy new books until I have FINISHED reading all the unread books at home.
    Happy New Year!

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  10. Persephone says:

    My resolution is to read a book series in Spanish. Thanks for the giveaway.

  11. My news year’s resolution is to read more Crime/Mystery novels. I know it’s not that challenging, considering my bookworm status (that and I also work in a book store), but I feel as though I need to read more of it – it’s the genre I neglect the most along with Historical Fiction. Fantasy and Dystopia are too luring!

    Please head over to my blog, follow and enter my giveaways too! :)


  12. Christina P. says:

    My 2012 resolution is to read the books in the Inheritance Cycle series by Christopher Paolini.

  13. Sofija Kapranova says:

    My news year’s resolution is to read at least half of the books from my TBR pile!

  14. LadyVampire says:

    My resolution this year is to cut my TBR pile in half. To read those books I keep saying I will but havent. Thanks for the giveaway.

  15. picyadri says:

    My reading resolution for this year is to try and read in more genre (not just dystopian and fantasy:) And to give another chance a few popular series I couldn’t get into.. (Vampire Academy and Mortal Instruments..)

  16. mimz says:

    My resolution is to read more books, because I didn’t read as much as I wanted to in 2011.

  17. Christina Kit. says:

    I’d love to exercise more!

  18. Christina Kit. says:

    And start my own blog!

  19. Stephanie Parent says:

    My resolution is to start my own blog, finish my current novel in progress, and read as many books as possible from my TBR pile. Thanks,


  20. Carrie A says:

    I want to post at least twice a week on my blog :)

  21. Dovile says:

    My readin g resolutions for this year are to read as much as I can and get rid of those books to make place for new ones. Also to by some new ones that have been forever on my wishlist.

  22. LisaILJ says:

    I don’t make resolutions, but for these purposes I hope that I read as many books or more than I read last year.

  23. Suz Reads says:

    Great contest! I am having trouble seeing the Rafflecopter form – can only see left side of what to do but the not Done button! Can you please enter me? Thanks! I did everything and here is the info:
    -like you on FB as Suz Reads
    – twitter follower as SuzReads
    – following on Google + as Suz Suz
    – 2012 resolution: keep a positive attitude no matter what happens!

  24. jamie says:

    My resolution is to get through my tbr list before adding more to it. So hard! There are so many good books out there and I don’t want to miss any :) I also resolve to spend more time on my writing

  25. Maya says:

    My resolution is to read at least some of the books I’ve planned to :)

  26. Kendra says:

    To read more, and actually read the books that I buy!

  27. Sarah Walker says:

    My 2012 reading/blogging resolutions is that if I’m not interested in the book after three chapters then put it down and move on to the next book.

    Name: Sarah Walker


  28. Sarah Walker says:

    I follow you on Google+: Sarah Walker

    Name: Sarah Walker


  29. Vivien says:

    To get more sleep so my eyes don’t get so tired reading :)

  30. Sherry says:

    My reading resolutions for this year is to read at least 365 books this year, last year it was 220. Also to buy more books.

  31. Rea says:

    My reading resolution is to read as many of my old TBRs as possible this year! I’m hoping to get the pile down by a good 50 at the very least! ;)

  32. Veronika says:

    Happy New Year!
    My new Year resolution would be to read more than 100 book this year!
    Thank you for the giveaway!

  33. Manda says:

    Definitely to devote more time to school, and to write in my journal at least every other day. :)

  34. Michelle says:

    My resolution for 2012 is to get at least halfway through my TBR pile and to find more eBooks for my nook.

  35. Melati Anggraeni says:

    My resolution 2012 : I must goal reading challenge on Goodreads, 100 books^^ for 2012

  36. bn100 says:

    exercise more

  37. hazel dv says:

    What are your 2012 reading/blogging resolutions?

    I will keep my self motivated, inspired and positive.

  38. Nedra Whittemore says:

    My goal this year is to meet or exceed my Goodreads Reading Challenge of 200 books and to hopefully either buy, borrow or win all of the books on my massive TBR list. (o:

  39. My resolution is to have more time for myself. I have been very busy last year so this year I just hope I can unwind, start doing what I love to do – which is read – and maybe do it on a beautiful island with a loved one next to me.. :)

  40. Katrina Page says:

    I don’t really like new years resolutions, plus I’m in school full time, so I guess reading my textbooks. :)

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