Frozen- Robin Wasserman

Written By: Kellie - Dec• 10•11

Synopsis: Before the accident, Lia Kahn was happy. Before the accident, Lia Kahn was loved. Lia was a lot of things before… She was normal, alive… and human.
But Lia no longer believes in before. Six months after the crash that killed her, six months after being reborn, Lia has finally accepted her new reality. She is a machine, a mech, and she belongs with her own kind. It’s a wild and carefree life, without rules and without fear. Because there’s nothing to fear when you have nothing left to lose.
But when a voice from her past cries out for revenge, everything changes and Lia is forced to choose between her old life and her new one. How many people – mechs and human – is Lia willing to hurt to protect her freedom? And how far is she willing to go to protect the people she loves?

Review: I have been meaning to read this book forever! I had seen it in an airport bookstore right before I moved to Ireland in late 2009, and always meant to come back to it. Back then, it was called Skinned. The entire series was recently renamed, repackaged and rereleased to work it’s way into the Dystopian craze, and I think Skinned/Frozen is a pretty decent addition to the genre.

What if you could transfer your consciousness to a machine, essentially allowing yourself to live forever? Would you be accepted by society? Could you handle the lack of humanity? Would it even really be you? All of this is covered in Frozen. Some reviews I read called the MC, Lia whiny, but I found her reaction to this huge change to be fairly realistic. I don’t think I would handle it well either.

One of the sub-plots I found really interesting was the ever changing relationship between Lia and her younger sister. Zo does not take Lia’s transition all that well, and only makes things more and more difficult but the entire relationship reads as very human and you actually get a stronger sense of what makes Zo who she is than you do Lia.

I think the reason I wasn’t blown away by this book has to do with a lack of action. The entire book is basically about Lia mentally transitioning from her old life to her new one. She meets some interesting people, and has some drama but really, not that much happens until the end.

This is a read that makes you think, and I would definitely recommend it. I’ll be checking out the second book in the series sometime soon.

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