Dangerously Placed- Nansi Kunze

Written By: Kellie - Nov• 04•11

Synopsis: Alex Thaler can’t wait to start her dream work experience placement at Virk, where staff from all over the world mingle in an astonishing virtual office. But when an employee is found murdered, the dream becomes a nightmare—because Alex is the prime suspect. Fortunately, Alex’s friends are willing to brave shark tanks, disgusting pathology specimens, and even a nude beach in order to clear her name. Can a hippie chick, a goth girl in a lab coat, and two guys with a taste for  blowing things up really help solve the mystery before Alex becomes the next victim? -Goodreads

Review: This was such a fun story. I have always found the idea of virtual worlds to be pretty fascinating, so a story where everyday people get to go to work in a spectacular, virtual enviroment was right up my alley. The world that Nansi Kunze has created within Virk is dripping with imagination and really pulls you in as Alex puts on her suit in order to have a realistic experience in the environment right through to her last day on the job.

I also really enjoyed the supporting characters, Alex’s group of real world friends. They have a really believable group dynamic and truly acted like the teenagers they are. I also loved that the romantic interest storyline wasn’t blatantly obvious right from the get go. I won’t give it away, but tell you that it at least kept me guessing.

One thing I maybe had a bit of trouble with was that it never really felt like the main character, Alex was in any real danger of being accused of murder. For so many reasons this was the most realistic route to take but it did kind of take away from the feeling of Alex actually having anything to lose.

A fun mystery story for the technological age and definitely a recommended read.

Be sure to check out Nansi’s new website @nansikunze.com and stay tuned next week for her blog tour! On November 9th, I’ll be asking her about her writing process and how Dangerously Placed got from concept to completion.


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  1. Nomes says:

    oh, what a fab and enticing review.

    i havent’ even seen this one in the shops yet, but i have had it on my list over at goodreads for a while. sounds fun

    x Nomes

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