Delirium- Lauren Oliver

Written By: Kellie - Sep• 08•11

Synopsis: The narrator of Delirium suffers from a romantic malady that feels like it could be fatal; something most teens can understand. A powerful trilogy launch volume. (Hand-selling tip: Lauren Oliver is an author to watch. The film rights for her first novel have just been optioned and her eponymous website continues to gain fans.) -Goodreads

Review: Love as a disease… interesting. Love as a curable disease, dark and intriguing. Love as a disease with a mandatory cure, dystopia through and through. I borrowed this book from work as part of mission ‘Borrow as many books as possible while you still work at a bookstore’, and I’m so glad I did. This book has been getting a lot of hype and for very good reason.

While it’s starting to feel like I’ve seen a lot of this particular story line (and will see even more of it in the future), it was still really well done, enjoyable, a little suspenseful and not overly predictable.

Lena is an interesting POV character as she starts out very brain washed and timid. It’s her best friend that seems to be questioning their societies rules long before Lena even considers it so it’s interesting to see her gradual transition. The supporting characters, especially her family were really interesting to read as many of them have been ‘cured’ so while they’re still fully functioning they’re always just a little creepy. The one character I would have liked to see better fleshed out was Alex. I didn’t find him nearly as swoon worthy as a lot of the other YA boy toys. To be fair, that’s an area where it’s really hard to stand out now a days. Nice hair and a lop sided grin just doesn’t cut it anymore.

There were a couple pretty unforgettable moments in Delirium. At least one that was genuinely touching and another that was gruesome and heartless, which really showed off the darker side of Deliriums America. *shudder* Overall, the whole thing was really well written and the story flowed seamlessly from beginning to the heartbreaking conclusion.

If I had read this a few months down the line it may have been stale and over done but this was a great summer read and I’m definitely glad I picked it up.





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  1. I have to be completely honest that while I enjoyed this one the first time around, there were things about it that were sort of so-so for me. It’s definitely grown a lot for me and I’m looking forward to see how the society develops in Pandemonium.

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