Patricia Briggs Showdown- The Final Round

Written By: Kellie - Aug• 26•11

So, I’ve narrowed it down to two books, so this is it! This round decides which of Patricia Briggs many fantastic novels will be my next read. I had been limiting my Patricia Briggsyness to her wonderful Mercy Thompson series and today, I branch out! So, here are the contenders!

-First in a series of four
-Highly recommended by fellow bloggers
-Involves wolves, yay!
-Patricia Briggs debut novel
-Strong willed, female MC

Raven’s Shadow
-First in a series of two
-Very pretty cover art
-Fulfilling ancient oaths
-Epic love story



And the winner is…
I’m going with my gut on this one as Raven’s Shadow seems more like my kind of story but there is just something about Masques that appeals to me and I have been wanting to check it out for a little. It will also be pretty cool to see where Patricia Brigg’s writing started and how it has grown since then. And hey, no rule saying I can’t read Raven’s Shadow a little later on =D

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