Patricia Briggs Showdown Round 1, Part 2

Written By: Kellie - Aug• 25•11

Yesterday, in round one, Raven’s shadow came out on top. Now to decide who which other book will go head to head against it in the finals! For round two I will be facing a standalone book against the first book in a series of four. So, here goes! The Hobs Bargain vs. Masques!

Premise: Her gift of sight has shown her visions of mayhem and murder. So, to save her village from ruthless raiders, Aren of Fallbrook strikes a bargain with the magical Hob, who will exact a heavy price to defend the village—a price Aren herself must pay. -Goodreads
What appeals to me: I am always looking for good stand alone books as everything these days seems to be part of a series. I love the cover of this one and want to know if the horse actually factors into the story or if it’s just there for effect. The storyline sounds pretty interesting. Overall, sounds promising.


Premise: After an upbringing of proper behavior and oppressive expectations, Aralorn fled her noble birthright for a life of adventure as a mercenary spy. Her latest mission involves spying on the increasingly powerful sorcerer Geoffrey ae’Magi. But in a war against an enemy armed with the powers of illusion, how do you know who the true enemy is-or where he will strike next?
What appeals to me: I’m pretty sure wolves factor in heavily in this series, which is always a yay for me. And on the flip side of the other book being a standalone, this is the first of four so if I like it there is more too read. The cover is so-so, but not a turn off and I’m not sure how into the idea of a mercenary spy I am. Something to think about.

The Winner…
I have heard such great things about this book and the rest of the series, there has got to be something there.

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