Why I’m excited for Blood Bound

Written By: Kellie - Aug• 15•11

August 23rd marks the release of a new series from Rachel Vincent, Unbound and the more I read about the first book, Blood Bound, the more excited I’m getting to read this.

It’s no secret I love Rachel Vincent’s Shifters series, and if it was a secret, it wont be after I gush about it all this week. So, while I also love her YA series Soul Screamers, I’m just so pumped to get back into her beautifully crafted adult, paranormal fiction.

This series (or at least this book… but I’m assuming the series) will follow Liv, a paranormal tracker who can follow the scent of blood. It’s a little morbid and deeply awesome. It looks like the first book is going to have her using her ability to solve a kidnapping that hits a little too close to home. Meanwhile, she is also going to have an ex-lover come back into the picture. An ex that she just might still have feelings for.

The blurb on amazon tells us “Liv makes her own rules, and the most important one is trust no one”. Liv is obviously going to be pretty kick-ass so it sounds like this book will have a little bit of everything you need to epically kick off an awesome urban fantasy series. I’m excited!!

You can pre-order Blood Bound from Amazon =)

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