Carrie Vaughn Quotes

Written By: Kellie - Aug• 07•11

“What the hell kind of name is Kitty for a werewolf?”

“Cope or go crazy.”

“To be a DJ was to be God. To be a DJ at an alternative public radio station ? That was being God with a mission. It was thinking you were the first person to discover The Clash and you had to spread the word.”

“Don’t compare yourself to others. There will always be someone who writes faster, or slower, or gets a bigger advance, or better advertising. Everyone’s career and writing process is a little different. Follow your own path.”

And my favorite… Not technically a quote but I found this on the ‘About the Author’ section of Kitty’s House of Horrors.

“Carrie Vaughn had a happy and relatively uneventful childhood, which means she had to turn to science fiction and fantasy for material to write about”.

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