Favorite’s Month

Written By: Kellie - Jun• 23•11

I am officially declaring August to be ‘Favorites Month’ at ReaWrite. I will be dedicating each of the four weeks of August to one of my favorite authors. I’ll be reviewing a couple of their books, doing a giveaway for each author, yammering on about why I love them, and I even have an author interview lined up. Gotta say, I’m pretty excited.

Who are my favorite authors you might ask.. well that’s a good question. My top four are, and have been for some time.. Bishop, Briggs, Vincent and Vaughn. Anne Bishop, author of ‘The Black Jewels’ trilogy, Patricia Briggs author of the Mercy Thompson series, Rachel Vincent, author of the six Shifters books and Carrie Vaughn, creator of Kitty Norville.

I’m not totally set on the order yet but I thinnkk it’s going to look like this.
Week 1- Carrie Vaughn
Week 2- Anne Bishop
Week 3- Rachel Vincent
Week 4- Patricia Briggs

Anyways, still a ways off but be sure to check back! Fun will be had!

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  1. April says:

    Well, you’ve got me excited because I’ve never read any of those! So lure me in…and maybe I’ll actually win a book! (I never win anything!)

  2. karen says:

    Great idea! I’m looking forward to August.

  3. […] for this year, but there is a bit more of a deadline on this one as I want to review it as part of Favorite’s Month! So this is getting bumped to near the top of the list. Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles- I […]

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