Werewolves, the pack mentality and real life

Written By: Kellie - May• 21•11

So, in order for this post to make sense, you first have to meet my dogs. This… is Molly & Darby. They are three year old, Glen of Imaal Terrier litter mates. Adorable, friendly but not so great with the listening skills.

So, lately we’ve been having some issues with them barking too much while they’re outside. We don’t really mind, we just worry about the neighbors. We can tell them again and again to shut up but we get no where. That is, until today. I have been reading ‘Raised by Wolves’ (review and details tomorrow), a book about a human growing up in a werewolf pack. Of course there is a lot of stuff about dominance, alphas etc… typical werewolf stuff.

While I was outside reading today the two of them started their usual bark at anything that moves routine but instead of just being annoyed, I was struck by the need to be the alpha dog and tell them how it is. Low and behold, it freakin worked. Caesar Milan can tell me to be the pack leader over and over again, and I don’t learn anything but put it in terms of werewolves and now you’re speaking my language. So thank you Jennifer Lynn Barnes for getting me a moment of much needed peace and quiet.

Just thought the whole thing was kind of funny. Who says fantasy novels lack real world relevance?

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