Two Moon Princess- Carmen Ferreiro-Esteban

Written By: Kellie - May• 19•11

Summary: In this coming-of-age story set in a medieval kingdom, Andrea is a headstrong princess longing to be a knight who finds her way to modern-day California. But her accidental return to her family’s kingdom and a disastrous romance brings war, along with her discovery of some dark family secrets. Readers will love this mix of traditional fantasy elements with unique twists and will identify with Andrea and her difficult choices between duty and desire. -Goodreads

On the cover: What I like about this cover is what I like about this book (well, one of the things), two moons! Very pretty. I think the colors used in the sky here are beautiful and the look of longing on the girl’s face perfectly matches the main character, Andrea’s, desire to experience something more than what she’s been given.

Review: Finally made a dent in my Net Galley books, hurray! This book was a fun, quick read but unfortunately I didn’t love it nearly as much as I thought it was going to. The premise really interested me as it’s been awhile since I’ve read something along these lines… Person from magical/medieval/alternate world gets pulled into our world, it usually goes the other way. It just wasn’t always executed to my liking.

Two Moon Princess took a long time to get going and once it did it kept whizzing off in random directions. The initial pace was slow, taking a lot of time to set up the story. The main plot didn’t get going until about twenty percent of the way through the book. This can be okay when done right but it does set up some reader expectations. After the main character, Andrea is finally in California the pacing really starts to jump around. A couple chapters on her first week, sure. Then there’s a bit of build up about this road trip that Andrea really doesn’t want to go on, and a paragraph later it’s all over, weird. Kept you guessing, but not in a good way.

The characters also didn’t do it for me, unfortunately. I did like Andrea even though she isn’t your usual spunky, quipping heroine but everyone around her just seemed a little off. Her sister’s were all static and about as deep as puddles, and her uncle ran so hot and cold it was hard to figure out if you were even supposed to like him.

Not to say that this book was all bad, or remotely unenjoyable. It’s always fun seeing the wonders of the modern world from another perspective and there was some fun, random Spanish history thrown in. You can tell the author is very interested in Spanish history and culture, it really shines through. Also, it was a nice change of pace that this book focused more on the characters and less on any fantasy aspects.

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