Game of Thrones

Written By: Kellie - Apr• 18•11

So I was reading’s Viewers Guide to A Game of Thrones, and it managed to peak my interest. I’ve been avoiding this series (the book series, not the TV show that premiered last night) since it first started getting rave reviews. Weird logic, I know. It’s just that I always have such a huge pile of books to read and this series seems like it will be an epic commitment. Not that that’s a turn off, just that I keep putting it off in favor of other books.

Reading the guide to the series helped me get a good idea about what these books are actually about and it seems like something I could really get into, assuming I can actually keep track of everything that’s going on. A bunch of royal/noble families all dealing with their own internal politics while fighting for power… what’s not to love? Wellll, we’ll see.

I always do this, I avoid something that is trending for whatever reason and then kick myself when I finally give in later and find out that I love it. Thankfully, my store has a deal on the books, so I can just commit 100% and get four at once. Yay for sales!

So, my plan is to watch the first episode in order to give myself some sort of visual and knowledge base, which will hopefully make jumping into the series a little less mind-explody. I guess this could backfire if the show ends up being a flop but everyone seems to be expecting great things. I couldn’t catch it last night because I started work at 5am this morning. Even if I do decide to read it though, there are probably still a couple of books I need to get through first. I’m trying hard not to keep sacrificing books that will be worth reading for ones that are kind of fluff but I’m eager to read. Gotta give the quality stuff a chance too!

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