Discord’s Apple- Carrie Vaughn

Written By: Kellie - Apr• 05•11

Title: Discord’s Apple
Author: Carrie Vaughn
Rating: 4/5 Ancient Magical Artifacts
Spoilers: None

Synopsis: When Evie Walker goes home to spend time with her dying father, she discovers that his creaky old house in Hope’s Fort, Colorado, is not the only legacy she stands to inherit. Hidden behind the old basement door is a secret and magical storeroom, a place where wondrous treasures from myth and legend are kept safe until they are needed again. The magic of the storeroom prevents access to any who are not intended to use the items. But just because it has never been done does not mean it cannot be done. And there are certainly those who will give anything to find a way in.

Review: I really liked this one. Sooo much better than ‘Voice of Dragons’. There are quite a few different stories running in tandem in this one, all of which I was actually interested in. From a depressing near future for the planet, to the aftermath of the battle of Troy, the plots were all good.

The premise of the novel was really fun. Evie, the main character, gets charged with an ancient store room of all the mythical objects that have floated around for the past few millenia. Some of them were from ancient Greek and Arthurian legends while others were a little more mainstream, like the glass slippers. I love stories that combine a bunch of different mythos into one. Where all the ancient tales somehow manage to co mingle.

One thing I do have to say against the book was that the characters really weren’t that strong. They were likable enough but they were under developed and I never really cared what happened to them. I know for a lot of people this is a deal breaker but I was willing to look past it for a fun mythology filled romp. Honestly, if it had been a longer read the characters might have killed my interest in the story, but it wasn’t so it’s alllll good. And there was one recognizable character that I did really like the modern take on, but I’ll leave you to read that for yourself. Definitely swoon worthy.

So, overall… good book! Worth the read if you are at all interested in myths and legends of varying sorts or even if your just looking for something a little different from the usual urban fantasy.

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