Sweet Valley REBORN! =)

Written By: Kellie - Mar• 31•11

A couple posts ago I was talking about one of my favorite series from when I was younger. Sweet Valley Twins. I was seriously an addict, I read all the books I could get my hands on a few times over.  Now, like I said… I never read Sweet Valley High but I still feel like I grew up with the Sweet Valley crew and all their high-jinx so I was pretty excited by this…

Elizabeth and Jessica are back! The plot is that it’s ten years later and the twins have grown apart due to some dastardly deed one or the other committed and I’m sure angst of some kind or another is bound to happen. Honestly, I’m probably not going to read it. Sweet Valley ended on my terms, and I’m good with that but I still think this is hella cool! I’m sure a lot of twenty somethings are going to “Oooo” when they see this in the book store.

Makes me think of a lot of other series I’d love to see a ‘ten years later’ story for. Nancy drew! Wouldn’t that be epic? She’s in the FBI or something. Orrr… Baby sitters club reunion? I don’t know. I just think it’s a really cool idea. I wonder how long this was in the works for. I’m sure the author missed all of the characters she spent so long with. I can’t imagine writing one group for so long (although she did have help with the Sweet Valley books, they’re still her characters) and then just stopping.

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  1. Beckah-Rah says:

    Oh, I LOVED those books! My favorite were the ‘Evil Twins’ ones.

  2. Deb says:

    This thirty-something also sees the theoretical appeal of this book. ;) When I’m stressed out, to this day I dream I’m scoring old Sweet Valley books at thrift stores. (In my dreams, they’ve gone to roughly #486, heh.)

    I read a sample of the book a few months back. I can’t do it. Like you, I want Sweet Valley ended on my terms, and the new book definitely doesn’t represent my terms! Still, I like to think the Wakefield twins live on. It’s comforting, somehow, to think they’ve grown with me.

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