Weekly Geeks 2011-10 Ten Things

Written By: Kellie - Mar• 22•11

My first foray into Memes! This weeks theme, ten facts about me and books! Brought to you by Weekly Geeks! Just something I thought would be fun, we’ll see how it goes ;-)

1. I usually finish books I’m not really enjoying. Either because I want to be able to count the book towards my yearly/challenge total, or I’ve already bought the next three in the series so I better learn to love these books, quick times!
2. I spend tons of money on books that look interesting at used bookstores that I never end up reading. I swear I’ll get to them one day but there is always something else I have to read first. Bad Kellie!
3. I work at a big box bookstore. Right now I work in the early morning, restocking shelves etc before we open, but I’m hoping to see the light of day eventually. I love my job and it’s a company I’d like to work for for a very long time.
4. I don’t own any autographed books :(
5. I love writing and want to do it professionally one day but I don’t think I’m a naturally talented writer. Just means its something I’m going to have to work a bit harder at.
6. Considering how big my ‘to-read’ pile is, I am an EPIC re-reader. I’ve read some of my favorites six or seven times. I read Harry Potter almost yearly, although its tapering off a bit now.
7. I get sick reading in the car. Such a waste of valuable reading time!
8. I have a Sony E-Reader, but I’m loving my moms Ipad for reading. Still prefer hard copies of books though.
9. I feel like I’ve fallen into a bit of a rut in terms of what I’m picking to read. Written by women and about women. Not romances or chick lit by any stretch, usually urban fantasy and young adult novels but I really want to branch out a bit. At the same time I feel like when I force myself to read what I think I should read instead of what I want to read is when my mind starts to wander or it takes me a month to get through one book.
10. I read 1-4 books a week and usually have a heavier read going on my ereader that I just pick up from time to time that usually takes me a lot longer.

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  1. Talia Jager says:

    Love this list! We sound a lot alike. Can’t wait to read more.

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