Demonology 101

Written By: Kellie - Mar• 20•11

Alright, this is a little different from usual as this technically has nothing to do with books. Still a great read though. Demonology 101 (a web comic) is basically Buffy meets angelic forces. Following the adventures of Raven, an adopted half demon trying to find her place in the world. It’s no longer being updated but I’ve reread the whole thing start to finish more than once and it’s great every time. It keeps you hooked by revealing the perfect snippets of information. Seriously, read it. Read it now.

It’s split up into five episodes so it’s easy enough to dive in and out. I’m actually kind of wishing that she sold the whole thing in actual, physical, comic form. If they had it in my store I would absolutely buy it and try to convince everyone crazy enough to talk to me to do the same. Back, waaay back, when it was actually being updated it was only an every other week sort of thing, which was torture. But now that it’s done. It’s all, all good.

Anyways, the characters a great and multi-leveled. The lore is fantastic and well thought out. It’s funnyish. Definitely worth joining Raven and friends as she figures out her mysterious past and fights it out for her future.

The art itself is perfect for the storyline. Well drawn out with a lot of shading that goes perfectly with the tone of the story. It’s all about the shades of gray in this one. There is an attempt at color for awhile during episode five but honestly, it’s better off in black and white. Somehow it makes me think of reading comics in the newspaper. Not that you would ever find anything quite like this in a paper anywhere, I wish. Really, overall it feels more like reading an actual comic book. The pages are even set up in away that you can easily get lost in flipping from one page to the next like you would with a comic book. Brilliant!

Anyways, a fantastic comic and totally worth the read if you’re at all into comics, or fantastical situations or you know… entertainment in general. So, no more dawdling… Demonology 101!

Oh, also… I would love to find more comics like this on. Either completed or being updated on a regular basis. Overall story ark rather than small story lines that are just for kicks. If anyone has any recommendations I would love, love, love to hear them.

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