I Am Number Four- The Movie

Written By: Kellie - Feb• 23•11

So, I read the book and it was okay. Okay enough that it I went and saw the movie (which I probably would have seen anyways. I’m not one to miss any sort of speculative fiction set in a high school). And, what do you know… the movie was also, okay!!! Actually, I would go so far as to say it was good-ish.

The effects were cool. Lots of glowy blueness, and glowy body parts. Glowyness all around.

There were some obvious changes to the book, but I either agreed with, or didn’t care about, all of them. I liked that Number Six was more promenently featured, and the person I went with even said I’d make a good Number Six, so that’s pretty snazzy. One thing I do think was really well done was the casting. While obviously none of main cast members were remotely what I pictured, I think they all suited the characters really well. The acting wasn’t oscar worthy by any stretch, but it was just a fun movie and they all did well enough. Plus…

Gotta say… before seeing this movie, I did not understand the appeal of this Alex Pettyfer person. But, now I get it. I like him. I like him, a lot.

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